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When Content Became King

With Google making massive changes to their search algorithm over the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the importance of efficient content marketing. Google Panda was one of the major changes in the algorithm which was designed to weed out websites with thin content or less content than what the searcher would need. Content on the website, and on other host sites and blogs, has become not only the way the brand communicates with the audience but also one of the most efficient ways to get higher rankings on search engine pages.

Content marketing, however, has evolved with evolution of the internet. The web is home to multitude of websites and blogs only providing written and graphical content for the avid searchers of today. This content can be in the form of articles, blog posts, infographics, GIFs etc. but all of this content has basically one purpose – To give the brand higher visibility. Content marketing encompasses the marketing, or pushing, of content that has been created for the specific purpose of catering to the end reader. The only catch is to make sure that all the content being created is original, well-researched and presented in a manner that is most palatable by the internet users today.

A brand’s content becomes its online voice. There needs to be a tone that the brand maintain throughout its communications online and is something that plays a huge role in ensuring customer loyalty. Many researchers around the world have predicted content marketing to be the most important trend in online marketing for the coming year. One of the biggest benefits of having your content uploaded on relevant websites and blogs is not just the visibility it gets but also the traffic it generates towards the brands website. These articles, blogs, listicles or any other form of content, may be allowed to carry one-way links for the website or relevant inner pages. These links can help direct a lot of traffic towards the website and help you in converting them into loyal customers.

Just like other forms of marketing content marketing is an ongoing process. Making regular updates to the website or your online blog can not only help the brand drive higher SERPs but also gives them greater credibility among the users. Understanding search engine optimization and keyword optimization is key here. Google algorithm changes have made it nigh impossible to get by with mere keyword stuffing, and that is a very good thing. Websites and brands need to understand how to use the keywords to maximize their benefits and still provide cogent content. Regularly improving and updating the content on your website can be a simple yet effective way to better your search engine page rankings.

Sharing content using social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. is the best alternative. Social media is one of the biggest factors in the sudden growth of content marketing around the world. These websites not only offer an opportunity for people to interact but also enable brands to interact with their customers, making them the perfect marketing platforms. Brands have taken to using infographics and videos to engage a larger customer base so as to increase visibility and page rankings.

Content is king in today’s market, however the kind of content the brand is sharing makes all the difference, be it written content, infographics or even video sharing. Content marketing is going to be of crucial importance in a world that is being taken over by digital media. The onset of Web 2.0, smarter smartphones and other technology is only going to hasten it. So if you haven’t considered content marketing till now, begin doing so now.