Video Marketing – How Effective it is to Attract Attention towards Your Brand?

For any business or service provider, it’s a good idea to start with video marketing, as they can use already established platform like YouTube, Facebook to spread knowledge about your product.  Sites like YouTube, gives a free platform for any video to go viral, provided video is worth creating the buzz. Even if you have tried your luck in the field of video marketing with little or no success, you can still venture into this area and enjoy the benefits. Knowing what actually makes the video go viral can help a great deal to let the video get shared with a large number of people.

All you need to do is, find people to create videos for you, testimonials, how to videos related to your product, product background and start with your own YouTube channel. Though, this is good but slow process and you have to wait to see traffic. How about you create one classic video which can go viral on all platforms, and how much traffic you can drive to your landing page from one such video marketing campaigns.

Here is an example of a video marketing campaign; Eight Petals was a part of with Rao Overseas Consultancy in Ahmedabad.

What to consider for viral video marketing?

Before you make that perfect video to go viral and help you in your marketing campaign, you need to ask some questions:

    + Who is the target audience?
    + How the video will be different from the others available in plenty on the net?
    + How exactly will the video help the audiences?
    + What’s your goal? Sales or subscriber or brand promotion.

Once you have got answers for the above questions, one can apply the following parameters to create a viral video:

Make funny and humorous video

Majority of popular videos are the ones that are funny. But do not stick to the point that you need to make the video funny, the key is to make it interesting and appealing. Any moving piece which evokes emotional connection or bond with the audiences is a great one as it will attract the people towards sharing the video and making it viral.

Attract visitors in a distinct fashion

You need to offer people something which they can use instantly after watching the particular video. As soon as they see what you are offering them, you can instantly make the pitch that is successful or just provide your site URL towards the end section of the video.

Go viral for brand promotion

Viral videos are amazing when it comes to using them for brand recognition. However what’s the use of making these videos when there are no sales? When you show some reason behind buying your products and service, you surely have the compelling and useful proposition.

Keep the videos short

It has been seen that audiences like short yet clear videos and as they have attention spans that last for a few seconds only, you need to make the videos attractive and short. Keep them compelling and this way, the video will have more chances of getting viral. You also need to make sure that what you are conveying is not just understandable to the people who know your industry or who are linked to it, but even to the general masses. So, it should have the universal appeal and touch. On second thought, you can ignore this suggestion if you are creating an awesome music video or a stunt which has never seen before.

Viral video marketing offers a great way of establishing the brand with a wise and clever approach and that too in an exciting way. When done in a proper way, these video marketing campaigns can create huge amount of links that will point towards your website/online business.