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7 Quick Tips for Social Media

Digital is the keyword today for brands and organizations around the world, be they local or multinational. With billions being connected to the internet, it has translated into myriad opportunities for marketers around the globe. The advent of social media has helped this process to a great extent. Facebook today boasts of over 1.5 billion active users, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, are just a few other social media platforms that are seeing mammoth registrations. But simply having a page on one or more social media platforms is not enough to get you the traction you require. It is essential to understand how you can make the most of these platforms for your brand and how best can you grow your audience on them.

Here a few simple tips to help your brand do better on social media:

Analyze your content

One of the biggest mistakes a social media marketer can do is ignore the data being produced regularly by their social media posts. Regular posts generate certain trends and can signal distinctly which posts will work and which won’t. Keeping an eye for such markers goes a long way in helping the brand create content that the audience like and can help boost engagement. Utilizing websites like BuzzSumo will help you a lot in identifying content around the keywords of your choice that could be trending around the world.

Optimize with links

It is important to add links to images you are posting on your social media page. Visual content, according to experts, is the best gateway to more important content. It is important to create visual content with the understanding of how it would direct traffic to your website, social media page, products and services.

Share images on Twitter

Sharing inline images on twitter increases retweets by 150% and makes a huge difference in the engagement that you are getting on your account. Tweets with images found 18% more clicks than those without and heavily increase the engagement.

Share content more than once

It is important to share your content more than once, not only does it make a lasting impact, seeing the content presented in a different format also goes a long way in increasing engagement. It will also help you reach out to multiple time-zones and increase your area of engagement. More importantly it will also help you reach out to a fresher and wider audience base.

Reframe the content to suit your demographic

It makes no sense to share content with colloquial English if you are marketing a brand that is basically catering to the elite classes. This will not only help increase the engagement and also go on to triple it.

Use buffer to your advantage

If you know that your client’s are based around the world, use Buffer your benefit and find the best fit to reach clients and audiences across time-zones. It is essential to identify when your target audience accesses the internet and cater to them accordingly to have the maximum impact.

Respond to comments/reviews

It is crucial for a brand that is looking to increase the engagement with its audiences to constantly keep them engaged. Be it in terms of responding to their comments on the page, replying to messages or simply acknowledging feedback and reviews. This creates an aura of transparency and honesty around the brand and helps it generate a certain brand value.

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Digital Marketing Could Make or Break Your Business in 2016

There is a brave new world for marketers out there, and it is ringing the death knell for those refusing to heed the chime of changing times. For those that are listening it promises marketing’s ultimate prize – hardcore results! Marketing depends upon the audience, and the audience today considers the TV a second screen to the lure of Youtube and an ever-increasing list of video hosting websites. People today are too engrossed in the 4-odd inches of their smartphone screen so as to notice a hoarding they are passing under. Things were rapidly changing in the world of marketing and the promise of it was announced with the advent of social media, the smartphone culture only added to the swift coup that digital marketing has achieved.

As Jeff Bullas puts it, for many traditional marketers and business people there is a lot of unlearning to do. Erasing bad old habits is essential. There had been a pronounced shift in digital marketing over 2014-15 which has essentially changed the how digital marketing was perceived. A thrust of having vanity metrics tripping along at the cost of data driven marketing is no longer going to get a brand anywhere. Content marketing is becoming crucial, with an survey saying that almost 50% of companies had a content marketing plan.

Social media marketing has emerged aspossibly the best bet for a brand to achieve positive long-term branding and promotion. While it is essential to provide the return on investment required, the nature of this return is what has essentially changed. For example, a social media page for a B2B brand may not be directing more traffic on the website, but could still be providing essential engagement and increasing the brand’s reach.

The Gauntlet is Thrown

It is important to note that digital marketing has now become essentially driven by the consumers. It is your customers that are going to give you traction required so as to make the most of your digital presence. But herein lies the challenge. Simple as it sounds in mere words, the deed itself is something that poses more than a few obstacles. From finding people who can best use the technology available for the brand’s benefit, to generating content, both relevant and original, it is a task requiring a unique list of skills.

The challenge for brand’s today is manifold.

  1. Break away from similar brands and establish a voice of their own in the digital space.
  2. Utilize the digital space as a repository for the brand’s message.
  3. Establish a consistent and positive engagement with customers and stakeholders.
  4. Increase sales and brand recognition.

Meeting these challenges requires an objective viewing of the brand’s current digital state of affairs. Having said that, there are a number of companies out there that have understood the language of the internet today. It is no longer a free digital space, pay-to-play is a truth out there and it is best accepted. Be it Facebook advertising or even influencer marketing, freebies are a thing of the past, the reality of marketing has finally caught up with the digital space.

Digital marketing, however, provides unprecedented opportunities for the classic combination of quality content and smart marketing. There are some digital marketing trends that will continue to stay strong through 2016, while some will die a quiet death. Read on below for some digital marketing trends for the year to come.

Revising the Understanding of ROI

The 2015 State of Inbound poll by Hubspot stated that measuring the return on investments is the most difficult thing for an agency. Digital marketing is no longer immune to the question of ‘show me the sales’, in fact it is a question that is most often thrown by companies looking to cut down digital marketing budgets. It is important to understand that social media channels have become more about reaching out to your target audience and maintaining a positive brand engagement is crucial to your overall digital presence. There are simple ways to measure and show a return on investment:

  • Update the brand’s website and landing pages so as to provide the users a more interactive experience.
  • Use content and content hosting channels to your benefit.
  • Do not skimp out on online advertising, be it Facebook or Google pay per click.
  • Using a marketing software along with a CRM software in a closed loop can definitely help understand the leads generated and customers created.


Social media ad spend has increased manifold over the last few years. According to a report by Interpublic Group’s Magna Global, digital ad spend will blow past television by 2017. Already at $ 160 billion digital advertising is something every brand should be considering. Be it the highly targeted nature of marketing it can achieve or the sheer scale of captive audience, digital advertising never looked more promising. Here are some things to keep in mind when deciding ad spend for digital marketing.

  • Understand what platforms are essential for your client and most frequented by your target group.
  • Target specific keywords based on well-researched data and invest in Google Ads accordingly.
  • Engage. Engage. An ad that does not engage your customers will simply be closed, making them interesting, driven by data is essential to getting conversions.

Make the Most of Your Digital Assets

Be it a video you have created or even a social media page for an event you once did, they become your digital assets. Understand these assets and utilize them to make the most of your digital presence. Use the internet and its myriad content hosting and video hosting websites as your brand’s repository for information, be it of itself or the industry it belongs to. All information on the internet is searchable and content being produced today will still be here for a long time, making the most of this only makes sense. Keep in mind the following things when you are working on managing your digital assets:

  • Treat your digital content as an asset, it is indexed by Google and can be shared by social media websites. Having original, interesting content can be a game changer for the brand.
  • Push for organic search rankings, be it in terms of improving your content quality or simply publishing it more often.
  • Give your social media pages due attention, they are your most direct link to your customer base. Invest in your social media pages and keep the page regularly interactive.
  • Think about what content the readers are looking for and give them that, brand’s like Red Bull and Coca Cola have done just that and reaped amazing results.

Have Your Customers Build Your Content

A brand’s customers are its best promoters. Having them share their stories, conversations and perspectives about the brand can go a long way in helping the brand not only create engaging content but also gain goodwill. Minecraft, a popular game, encourages users to make videos of their games and upload it on Youtube, something as simple as this has catapulted this game to the top of the charts. The sheer interactivity and credibility of crowd-sourced content is unparalleled.

Email is Still a Brilliant Idea

While the world might be swearing by Whatsapp and Viber, the good old email continues to stay strong. Having a very targeted list of customers to send information to, and simply having sharing buttons at the bottom makes them about 158% more effective according to a research by Emails continue to be one of the most widely underused marketing tools in the business and need to be optimized better for results. Be it in terms of more informative content or simply making it more concise to fit smartphone screens.

Go Mobile

The smartphone screen is now the first screen for the people. Over 75% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile advertising, if this wasn’t proof enough, the use of smartphones has gone up radically over the last year. Having an application for your brand, if required, or simply focusing on mobile ad-spend could make a world of difference to your digital presence.