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Film Industry Lends its Greats to the Ad World

True artists have no limitations.

How often have we come across people who have epitomized this adage? There are ‘artists’ who are confined within their own comfort zone and then there are a few who have ventured into unconquered territories. Maybe the challenge to excel in whatever they do brings out the best in them.

Renowned actors, filmmakers and other artists have indulged in other mediums of visual entertainment and have successfully made their mark in it. Film actors have, from time to time, featured in advertisements for a long time. However, let’s take a look at the behind the screen stars who have worked in commercials for television.

Anurag Kashyap

Known for making realistic and hard-hitting films, Anurag Kashyap likes to experiment with all kinds of visual media, be it short films, feature films or television commercials. Recently, he was asked to direct a 3-part TVC campaign for Telenor HD Calling Service in Pakistan and he readily agreed to it. Considering the response this campaign has created in Pakistan, his command on storytelling is once again established on a different platform altogether. Check out the advertisement and share your opinion about it.

Martin Scorcese

The stylish director, known for his films like The Wolf Of Wall Street and The Departed, has dabbled in television commercials since the start of his career. In recent times he helmed a TVC project for Dolce & Gabbana titled, ‘Street of Dreams’. Dubbed as a short love story expressed in less than two and a half minutes, the producers built anticipation for the advertisement by first releasing three teaser videos followed by the grand launch. Adding to the star value of the advertisement were film actors Matthew McConaughey and Scarlett Johansson. Take a look at the commercial here.

A.R. Rehman

A global artist, who has won many awards for his music in films, has been the force behind many commercials in India. His jingles have stood the test of time and even today still have amazing recall value. Airtel, Titan, Hero MotoCorp, etc. all have benefited from his sheer brilliance. It is believed that director Mani Ratnam heard his Leo Coffee jingle and decided to give A. R. Rahman a break in Roja. Enough said!

Here’s one of his latest works for the brand Renault:


David Fincher

Acclaimed director David Fincher, known for films like Gone Girl, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, has his own production house called RESET, which specilises in creating high-end commercials. Brands like Coca Cola, GAP, Nike, Xelibri, Calvin Klein and Motorola, have all collaborated with the celebrated director to churn out commercials appreciated by many. Here’s his website which has all of his advertisements. Sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy.

May be it’s their love for challenges that makes them try out newer avenues. But as long as they give out something that’s appeasing to the senses, we don’t mind.