Importance of social media marketing

Importance of social media marketing

While it may be a recent phenomenon, but social media is rapidly taking over our lives. Be it in terms of the way we interact with people, travel, search or buy goods, social media is playing a more and more relevant role in people’s lives today. Twitter and Facebook alone are two of the most heavily frequented social media sites in the world. They help the brand directly reach out to its clientele around the world, help engage them and also gives the brand an opportunity to increase its consumer base. With over 500 million active accounts on Twitter and upwards of 650 million daily active users on Facebook, it can be easily said that social media is the next big playground for marketing professionals.

Because of its rapid ascent, social media is scoffed at by many industry professionals as just a passing trend. However, it is anything but. In a research by Hubspot in 2014, 92% of marketers said that social media was important for their business. Moreover, more than half the marketers that have used social media for over three years have reported an increase in sales over that period. Social media, however, is evolving as well. There are newer and newer platforms coming up, all of which are catering to a section of demographic that is crucial to any brand. Be it Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, or any other, it is essential for a brand to understand the importance of these platforms to their marketing and promotional efforts.

Perfect showcase for your brand

Social media gives a brand a face and a voice, in a manner of speaking. It allows the brand to directly engage with audiences and build a rapport otherwise unmanageable. Regular updates and information about the industry and the brands can not only build you a loyal following it also gives the brand an opportunity to keep a constant dialogue going with their audience. It helps a marketer put the brand across in exactly the way they want to.

Increase exposure

As is obvious, social media platforms attract millions of people every day. Effectively using the different social media tools and advertising options available, a brand can effectively add to their client roster and also increase the amount of positive exposure they are receiving. Putting out information that would be important to the audiences or simply entertaining enough to get their attention can work brilliantly for a brand.

Improved brand loyalty

Increased direct engagement with your audience leads to a higher sense of loyalty among them towards the brand. It is essential to connect with the audience, and social media helps do that in the best way in today’s marketing world.

Increased conversion rate

A simple gesture towards a dissatisfied client or effectively managing an online conflagration can help a brand win important brownie points in the audience’s mind. This goes on to help the brand increase its conversion rates and increase their customer base.

Boosts traffic and SERP rankings

One of the most important ways that social media can help brands is in terms of increasing the traffic towards their website. The website is the brand’s niche on the internet, directing more traffic there is going to directly affect the sales and visibility of the brand online. The more channels you participate in increases your chances of being ranked higher on search engine ranking pages.

Helps cut marketing cost

Social media marketing is one of the most affordable marketing tools available today. With just a little bit of innovative thinking it may very well turn out to be a cornerstone of your marketing efforts while still taking up only a fraction of your overall marketing costs.