Importance of Branding only Increasing for Companies in 2016

A Brand could be your company, your team, or even simply just you. It is essentially identification in a certain light. The importance of branding, for a commercial entity, can never be understated it is important not only to create a perception in the mind of the end users or customers, it is crucial for building a positive image among the people involved as well. The importance of branding has only gone up in recent years. The growing connectivity among people thanks to the internet and social media platforms has made communicating with your customers and peers with ease. This has in turn given companies the additional fillip required to boost their branding using a variety of techniques that can be effectively used to reach millions of people.

Be it in the form of viral content, or simple on ground execution, branding your company gives it a certain voice and a vibe that can help you connect with your customer. This is a fact which holds true for both B2C and B2B companies. Branding is something that transcends the construct of mere organizations and enters the realm of perception. It is how your organization, company or business is perceived. This perception, however, needs to be built. There are a number of different building blocks to creating the perfect brand image. But thanks to the changing times, there is a great deal of opportunity available for companies of all sizes to establish a strong brand identity.

Here are some things you should focus on in 2016 to strengthen your brand further:

Ensure that your voice is unique

One of the most concerning things about young start-ups and even established veterans of the industry is the lack of consistency in the brand’s voice. There needs to be great attention paid to the developing the tagline, content type and design guidelines that are absolutely unique to the organization. With the target audience being so easily demarcated, it is essential to speak to them in a way that is previously unheard. The language and design plays a huge role in making this happen.

Focus on brand authenticity

One of the most important things that brands need to focus on is that your work speaks far more than words ever could. As the buying power increases among people there is a conscious shift towards quality, and with it a growing disillusionment of all things advertising. It is important here that brands focus on generating as much validation from satisfied customers and get more traction. It would be wise to use the internet and its many reviewing tools to help you get a leg-up in the process. Nothing works for brand authenticity better than user generated reviews. Get as many as you can, organically of course, and see the difference it makes to your branding efforts in 2016.

Connect emotionally

There is a greater emphasis now on connecting with your consumer in a more direct and emotional manner. It is all about creating a relationship between the brand and the consumer. The recent Maggi ads celebrating its return after the ban was lifted were an absolute hit among the people because of simply this reason. Connecting with your customers emotionally on any subject, be it a festival or cause in the right spirit, can lead to great dividends for a brand.

Creates loyalty

The biggest advantage of quality branding is the amount of consumer loyalty it generates. There is a strong sense of kinship among the brand users and when the branding is done right, they are your best friends forever. Use branding exercises to build upon these relationships and take it a step forward like how Coke did it with their ‘happiness machine’ campaign where they put a coke vending machine in a campus which kept giving unwitting students coke bottles, among other things.